Have any of you been affected by the coronavirus yet? I suspect with my worldwide following, at least some of you have experienced the repercussions of this situation.

I’m not going to tell you that you should be washing your hands for 20 seconds or stockpiling supplies or avoiding crowds. I am instead going to give you my top 10 list of what calligraphers might do when your area goes to “lockdown status” and you’re stuck with “social distancing”. Are you ready for this??

coronavirus survival tips

1. Reorganize the loose nibs littering your desk. Tackleboxes, sewing bins, or random mint tins are perfect for this. Also get removable labels to stick on the top lid so you can write the names of the nibs in each spot.

2. Sort your guidelines, exemplars, and practice papers into folders. I even have a binder with dividers where I store each workshop’s handouts.

3. Clean out old dinky dips and gunked up inkwells. I might tackle the one that’s been sitting at the kitchen sink for a month. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Better yet, just toss them and order some new ones, like these frosted glass cosmetic jars.

4. Get a head start addressing those Christmas envelopes.🎄You know, in case you’re down with covid-19 come December. The vaccine may not be available yet.

5. Improve your fine muscle coordination with my free drills. Bonus points for creating one in the shape of the novel coronavirus. (You better tag me if you do!!)

Lucky Drills Worksheets

6. Clean up your writing desk. Since you’re already wiping down every doorknob with bleach wipes, you might as well hit this spot too.

7. Make a stock of greeting cards and monogrammed stationery. This might be a good time to practice writing “Get well soon.”

8. Practice that new script you’ve been wanting to learn. It will get your mind off the situation. Download my free guidelines here.

Free Guidelines for Copperplate and Modern Calligraphy

9. Stock up on low supplies at @johnnealbookseller . Except hand sanitizer. I don’t think they sell that.

10. Perfect your Copperplate skills with my Complete Copperplate worksheet set. Then you can write catchy headlines to hashtag #covid and #covid2019 

Beginner Copperplate Calligraphy Complete Worksheet Set Exemplar

What would you add to this list??

Seriously though, covid-19 is a dangerous virus, particularly for those who are already at risk for respiratory illness. Do your part to limit exposure and transmission. But don’t panic! Most people have relatively low symptom levels and recover quickly. We will survive the coronavirus!

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