Calligraphy Getting Started Guide Free Worksheet Download

Getting Started Guide

Download the latest Beginner Calligraphy Getting Started Guide 2.0. Includes:

  • Supply List
  • Instructions
  • Anatomy of the Guidelines
  • 2 Warm-up Drills Worksheets
  • 3 Foundational Strokes Worksheets
  • Minuscule Exemplar with Ductus
  • Majuscule and Numbers Exemplar
  • x-line only guidelines with and without ovals
  • Precision Copperplate Grid Guidelines
  • Precision Copperplate Guidelines with Regular Spacing

All guidelines in this packet are 8mm x-height for maximum learning benefit.

Print & Cut Banner Worksheet

image of banner worksheet

Guidelines for Flourishing Calligraphy

Casual Copperplate Free Exemplar

Casual Copperplate Exemplar

Master List Printable Planner Sample

Majuscule Practice Pages Sample

majuscule practice pages sample

Lucky Drills Worksheets for Printing

Lucky Drills Worksheets for Procreate

Cinderella Quote Worksheet for Printing

cinderella quote calligraphy worksheet have courage and be kind

Beginner Copperplate Getting Started Guide

Beginner Copperplate Getting Started Guide

Calligraphy Art Drills–Cake Drills Worksheet

calligraphy art drills--cake drills

Guidelines for Copperplate & Modern Calligraphy

free calligraphy guidelines

Calligraphy Art Drills–Autumn Drills Worksheet

offhand flourishing calligraphy art autumn drills

Heart-Shaped Valentine Drills Worksheet

Valentine Drills

Ornament Drills Worksheet

pin-ornament drills free worksheet

Valentine Drills JPG Files

How to Download These Worksheets

  1. Click the Download Now button. The browser should open the pdf directly in the browser window.
  2. From the File menu in your browser, select the Export As menu item and choose where to save your pdf. I suggest creating a new folder for your Kallialitheia worksheets in a place you will be able to find it easily. I also recommend naming it the name of the worksheet and include “.pdf” at the end of the file name. This will make it easier for you to locate these worksheets in the future.

How to Use These Worksheets in Procreate

I am now creating both PDF and Procreate versions of my worksheets. 

  1. On a computer: Click the Download Now button underneath any worksheet image with the “For Procreate” banner.
  2. Open the zip file and decompress. (My Apple computer does this automatically. If your computer does not, try right-clicking and unzipping the folder.)
  3. Transfer the Procreate files to your iPad, and open in Procreate.

A Gentle Reminder

Please remember that I have created these worksheets especially for you, my newsletter subscriber. I ask that you not redistribute the worksheet directly or offer it for sale in any way (either of these would be a copyright infringement.) I do invite you to share my website with your friends and family, and anyone is welcome to sign up for the newsletter and receive their own access to the free worksheets.