This is not an exhaustive list of the tools I use, but these are my favorites. I have many, many calligraphy inks, tools, etc. that I truly love. But for a beginner, it can be overwhelming to know just what you need.

On my beginners page, I talk about the bare bones necessities of what you need to get started with calligraphy, regardless of whether you’re interested in modern or traditional Copperplate calligraphy, so if you’re new to calligraphy, check that out.

In addition, if you are looking for on-demand classes for copperplate calligraphy, modern calligraphy, other calligraphy scripts, watercolor painting, and many more art classes, head over to Kalli Camp Academy and check out our class directory.

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Custom Made Pen Holders from My Beloved Calligraphy

These pens are custom made according to the measurements of your hand. The Ergo Pen is my personal favorite.

Carrot Pen

Oblique Pen

Ergo Pen

Pointed Pen Nibs

Zebra G

Nikko G

Hunt 101

Other Calligraphy Nibs I Recommend

The following nibs are ones I prefer but cannot purchase on Amazon. These are available at and

  • Leonardt Steno (Blue Pumpkin)
  • Leonardt Principal EF

Some Basic Inks

Moon Palace Sumi

Walnut Drawing Ink

Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleed-Proof White

Higgins Eternal


Canson Pro Layout Marker Paper

Borden & Riley Cotton Comp

Rhodia Dot Pad

HP Premium LaserJet 32 lb.

Metallic Inks & Accessories

Jacquard PearlEx Metallic Calligraphy Pigments

Gum Arabic, Powdered

Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic Spin Bars

Inkwells & Accessories

Wooden Pen Holder and Inkwell


Cotton Gloves

Polishing Cloths

Dinky Dips for Holding Calligraphy Ink

I cannot find any of the usual containers I prefer for my ink on Amazon. You can purchase Dinky Dips in large or small and the wooden blocks that hold them on or Also, my favorite ink wells are crystal or glass candlesticks which you can pick up at the thrift store, dollar store, or other various places. They are the perfect size for pointed pen work. If you use an open container, though, you need a film to cover it that does not allow moisture to escape. I use Parafilm, linked above.

Tools & Accessories

Artograph Light Pad

Artograph PadPucks

Johnson Laser Level

Alcohol Swabs

A Note About the Lightpad

The lightpad listed here is the one I use. When I received it as a gift, it was on a huge sale. There are other much less expensive lightpads on the market, but I have not tried them. I would love to hear from you if you have a different one you like. All I know is the lightpad might be my most important tool aside from the pen, ink and paper.

About These Calligraphy Products

The products pictured on this page are all affiliate links on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you ahead of time for any purchases you make of these items, because all of my profits go toward supporting me and my family while I am in medical school.

Also, I am somewhat limited in the items I can list here. This means in some circumstances (like the HP paper) there are larger volumes of these items linked to than I would normally buy. Use your judgment in the quantities you purchase, and feel free to Google for other suppliers if desired. I do absolutely always buy at least 10 of any nib I plan to use regularly.

More Info About Calligraphy Supplies

I have many blog articles planned to discuss these supplies in great detail, so check back each week to see what’s new on the blog.