One of the more challenging parts of calligraphy–once you feel like you have conquered the letterforms–can be learning the correct spacing. One of my favorite ways to do this is to practice tracing quotes and phrases. Doing so really gets your hand used to making those tight connections so you don’t get too much space between your letters.

cinderella quote calligraphy worksheet have courage and be kind

This latest free worksheet I have created for you not only gives you a little spacing practice, but it also gives you some flourishing practice! In addition, it comes with my custom-made Copperplate 2mm graph paper. This is a special graph paper I created to give some very clear, definitive guidance when making those connections. Having the slant lines super close together makes it so much easier to train yourself to bring those connections straight up.

Also, one thing you may not know about is that I have combination practice worksheets in my Beginner Copperplate Complete Worksheet Set in my Etsy shop. This packet gives you practice on every single style of letter/stroke combination in the most succinct way possible. Instead of practicing every single potential letter combination, you simply practice the types of combinations, which encompass several letters each. If you can conquer one type of combination, the combo will be the same no matter what two letters in that group are being connected.

You don’t have to be frustrated with that spacing anymore. Download my free worksheets today so you can get some traceable spacing practice and the perfect guidelines to help you with your freehand practice. Be sure to post your practice with #kalliflourish and tag me @kallialitheia so I can see your work and cheer you on!